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Tue, 24 May 2005

Howto setup ipv6 through a 6to4 tunnel and autoconfiguration for clients

goto http://wrt54g.thermoman.de/

install FreemanBasic_V1.0.2_wrt54g.zip (only v2 and newer)

check version at http://www.linksysinfo.org/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=3481&highlight=cdf*

And now, login to your wrt running Talisman. Go to administration page and activate RW partition. When you click "Save Settings" the router will reboot and setup the RW partition. Do not turn off the power during this process (should be less then 2 minutes).

Login with ssh:

nvram set ipv6_enable=1
echo "
interface br0
	AdvSendAdvert on;
	prefix 0:0:0:1::/64
		AdvOnLink on;
		AdvAutonomous on;
		AdvRouterAddr on;
		Base6to4Interface vlan1;
		AdvPreferredLifetime 120;
		AdvValidLifetime 300;
nvram set rc_startup="
ip tunnel change sit0 ttl 64
ip -6 addr add 2002:52b6:e40e::1/48 dev sit0         #Change to 6to4 prefix
ip -6 ro add 2000::/3 via ::
ip -6 addr add 2002:52b6:e40e:1::/64 dev br0        #Change to 6to4 prefix
/usr/local/sbin/radvd -C /usr/local/etc/radvd.conf

6to4 calc

nvram commit

partially copied from https://noc.sixxs.net/forum/?msg=setup-256552

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